Friday, 5 September 2014


The Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society is registered under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001 with the following broad objectives

1.    Set up a field station to promote basic and advanced wildlife research by involving individuals and biologists (e.g. species identification, biological sample collection, questionnaires, GPS-tracking, camera-trap surveys, conservation genetics, ecology, statistical analyses, and geographic information systems for mapping distributions, and threats to wildlife)

2. Training in field research and wildlife monitoring for forest staff and local people (called animal trackers)

3. Dissemination of scientific information via presentations to relevant national and international, government and non-government organizations.

4. Conservation education in schools and colleges, to local people, volunteers, citizen scientists, and enthusiasts (national and international) through hands-on field and laboratory-based workshops, nature camps and trekking programmes.

5. Publication of research and conservation work in scientific journals, national and international magazines, and local newspapers for education and awareness on the importance of carnivores in maintaining ecosystems.

6. Achieve local results as well as to focus attention on the need to replicate such activities throughout the rest of the Eastern Ghats.

7. Use of solar/wind and water energy sources to run the Station will demonstrate and encourage the use of eco-friendly technology.
8. Carrying out responsible eco-tourism activities to sensitize general public on the need to conserve the bio-diversity of Eastern Ghats. 

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